Art & Culture of west bengal

West Bengal has always plated a prominent role in the field of art and culture, giving birth to a large number of modern movements in literature, painting, sculpture, theatre and cinema as well as in politics, science and industry.

West Bengal Music
The passion of the Bengalis is music; there is music for every occasion.The Bengali Gharana is a famous form of Indian classical music. The other famous styles are the Kirtan style based on the early life of Lord Krishna. Then the Vishnupur Style of music for devotional songs which was patronized by none other than Tansen. Thumri, folk songs and Rabindra Sangeet all are part of the great Bengali musical odyssey.

West Bengal is home to people belonging to a number of different religions. In fact, people of almost all religions practiced in India live in West Bengal. However, Hindus and Muslims form the major chunk of the state's population.

Dressing Styles
Traditional wear for Bengali men is a white dhoti along with a Kurta. Bengali Kurta is slightly different from the ones found in rest of the country. They are shorter than their counterparts and are designed in a unique way. For women, saris of cotton and silk are most preferred. Salwar Kameez has become immensely popular among young women in Bengal. While keeping their traditions intact, Bengalis like to experiment with the western style clothes.

People of Bengal belong to diverse and ethnic social backgrounds. Festivals in a multidimensional scale are observed in spiritual ecstasy in the state. The entire state becomes lively during the Durga Puja (a Hindu festival) when the sound of Dhak, Dhunuchi nachh, the mild fragrance of Shiuli, gives a familiar tug in every Bengali heart.