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Shopping in Kalimpong
is a pleasant experience. Woodcarving is a traditional craft in this region. A wide range of utilities and objets d'art are available in Kalimpong. Pick up an item or two while shopping in Kalimpong.

Tibetan people in huge number make their way to Kalimpong with their handicrafts. Tibetan woolen garments, jewellery and noodles are hot favorite with those who go for shopping in Kalimpong.

Fresh ginger, honey and a special type of strongish cheese are available in abundance in Kalimpong. These are also popular items for shopping in Kalimpong. And finally, it is tea ! Close to Kalimpong lies Darjeeling, which produces the best-flavored tea in the world. A packet or two must feature in your shopping cart in Kalimpong.

There are many good markets in Kalimpong. The markets are open on Wednesday and Saturday. Explore the Main Road, the 10th Mile Market and the Raja Dorje Market for shopping in Kalimpong. The Kalimpong Arts & Crafts Centre is the best place for authentic Lepcha, Bhutanese and Sikkimese embroidered work on purses and dresses.