On the route to Darjeeling, 349 km north of Kolkata, Malda is the base for visiting the ruined cities of Gaur and Pandua, although it's probably more famous now for its large Fajli mangoes. One reader wrote: 'You could probably kill yourself through overeating mangoes in this place! Gaur is delightful, one of the nicest places we visited in India, incredibly peaceful and beautiful'. Malda's not very interesting, but it has a small museum. English Bazaar, also transliterated as Ingrah Bazar, is now a suburb of Malda. An English factory was established here in 1771. Old Malda is nearby, at the junction of the Kalindi and Mahananda rivers. It was once an important port for the former Muslim capital of Pandua.

Travel Information
Malda is directly connected by the main railway line to Kolkata ( 334 km ) and New Jalpaiguri (233 km ). There are buses to Silliguri for Darjeeling, Berhampore, Murshidabad and Kolkata.