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Firoz Minar

Firoz Minar is a historic tower located on the south-eastern side of Dakhil Darwaza. The tower 26 m high, bears the inscriptions of king Saif al-Din. Two tiers of the tower above the small roof are circular, while the lower three are polygon shaped. Firoz Minar might have been built as a monument for victory.Firoze Minar is an imitation of Qutab Minar of Delhi.A spiraling flight of 84 steps takes one to the top of the tower. The Tughlaqi style of architecture can be seen in the whole structure.

Dakhil Darwaza

The northern gate of the fort known as Dakhil Darwaza was built in 1425.Made of small red bricks and terracotta work, this dominating structure is more than 21 m. high and 34.5 m. wide. Its four corners are topped with five-storey high towers. Once the main gateway to a fort, it opens through the embankments surrounding it.To the north of Dakhil Darwaza are the ruins of Sona Mosque, built in 1526 and is the largest mosque in Gaur. Other interesting buildings nearby include the many arched Qadam Rasul Mosque, built in 1530 to enshrine an impression of the Prophet Mohammadís footprint.

Sagar Dighi

The oldest structure in Gaur is Sagar Dighi, a large tank built in the 12th century. Sagar Dighi, on its four sides has all the Royal stately buildings. The look is magnificent. The area becomes the heaven for migratory birds coming from far places like Siberia during winter.it is one of the favorite spot for migratory birds which are coming mainly from Siberia during the season of winter. Apart from these there are several ruins which were once marvelous palaces.