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Sumendu Lake

Situated at the middle of the Mirik valley, this is the main attraction of Mirik. The Sumendu Lake is wrapped in forested ridge and a flower garden and has a floating fountain in its center.The lake with its boating facilities attracts tourists. Limited angling is also allowed in the lake. The Dhupi forests all around the lake increases the natural beauty of the place. Swimming in this lake is neither permitted nor suggested as the lake is used as sewerage by part of the population.

Thurbo Tea Garden & Factory

Mirik is situated in the center of some of the best tea gardens of the state. The tour of these tea gardens is one of the memorable events for the tourists.

Debi Sthan

Devi Sthan or the temple of Singha Devi is situated on the west bank of the Sumendu Lake. This temple is one of the main attractions for the tourists. The places of worship of Hanuman, Shiva and Kali Mata are on the other sides of the lake.