Wildlife in west bengal

Located in the Ganga delta in West Bengal, spanning the Hooghly in the west and Teulia river in the east, Sunderbans was declared a National Park in 1984. The park covers a vast stretch of mangrove swamp, lush forested islands and small rivers near the Bay of Bengal. Most of the region comprises estuarine mangrove forests and swamps which supports an ecosystem specially adapted to great salinity. Sunderbans is home to the magnificent Royal Bengal tiger, the park holding more tigers than any other tiger reserve. More than 400 tigers were recorded during the mid-1980s. Project tiger has also launched a programme to protect the Olive Ridley sea turtles. Crocodiles and the gangetic dolphin are to be found aplenty in the Raimgangal river. The Sajnakhali sanctuary, famous for its rich avian population, is regarded as a part of the Sunderbans National Park.

Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary is situated in Alipurduar Sub-Division of Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal. It is about 124 km from Siliguri. It was constituted in the year of 1941 for the protection of wild life, particularly single horned Rhinos. River Torsha runs through this forest sanctuary. The forest is mainly savannah covered with tall elephant grasses. In addition to the famous single horned rhinos, the wild life also consists of Royal Bengal Tigers, wild elephants, sambhar, wild pigs, swamp deers, hog deers, deers, bisons and a number of birds, pea-fowl etc. Elephant ride is also arranged for viewing of wild life preferably at dawn.

The forested areas of Northern West Bengal present a plethora of Wildlife. This mixed dry deciduous forest land dotted with grasslands, harbors the largest diversity of mega fauna in West Bengal. A large range of foothill forest in North Bengal is called Dooars. Once the whole area was under the reign of Koch Raj. A visit to this area may bring visitors to be in touch with the combination of the solidified history and nature. Tea Gardens, alpine landscape, transparent river, National Parks and the Wildlife Sanctuary creates a paradise. Beautiful motorable roads cut through deep forests, rich with wildlife. Mauve hills stand at the end of velvet green plains. The forests echo with the melody of birds. In between, there are fabulous wildlife sanctuaries with picture-postcard, log cabin lodges and valleys carpeted with tea gardens.